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Victor Nagbe world champion kickboxer

Victor Nagbe VS Wu Xuesong (LATEST FIGHT) 

Victor "Hot Chili" Nagbe (WORLD CHAMPION) 

Fight Record: 66 Fights, 52Wins, 13 Losses, 1 Draw and 10 KO's at the age of 24! 

Victor already boasts an impressive list of opponents from all over the Globe such as Buakaw
yodsanklai, Kim Sitsongpeenong, Saketdao Petchphayathai, Fabio_Pinca & Saenchai. Victor desired to fight the biggest names in the sport to bring out the best in himself. Born in Liberia, West Africa and raised in Australia, Victor was first introduced to Muay Thai at 16. As many fighters have claimed, Muay Thai soon became a necessity in Victor’s life, much to the same way as breathing, Victor proclaims. So when he finished high school, Fighting became a full time job. Recently, Victor has returned to Melbourne to further pursue his passion after living in Thailand and fighting all over Asia. 

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Victor Nagbe Highlights