Platinum Labs Awaken is a powerful pre workout that promises to take your training to the next level. Utilising powerful stimulants and focus enhancing ingredients, the supplement was designed to keep you in the zone for longer so you can maintain stronger lifts for longer. Awaken was specially formulated with ingredients to help improve focus and attention, enhance energy levels, reduce appetite and support a more relaxed and positive state of mind for improved training capacity and results. Although there are some strong stimulants in the mix, Platinum Labs have designed the supplement so that you avoid any post-workout stim crashes that leaves you comatose with other workouts. If you want better endurance, unparalleled energy boosts and maximum focus during your workouts, Awaken was formulated especially for you.


  • Product Highlights

    -Unparalleled energy experience with caffeine and synephrine
    -Avoid the post-workout stim crash
    -Helps enhance focus, alertness and mental motivation
    -Support endurance during longer workout sessions
    -Stimulate fat burning and your overall metabolic rate

    Directions for use;
    Mix 1 scoop into 250 - 300ml of water 15 minutes before a workout. Both ladies and gentlemen can use this product.

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