Black OPS by Platinum Labs – Non-Stim Pump Formula!

Black Ops by Platinum labs is an advanced, stimulant free, pre-workout formula designed to produce a wicked pump, minus the post-training crash. Packed with a powerful nitric oxide formula and a combination of clinically dosed ingredients which help to increase blood flow and deliver essential nutrients to the muscles, Black Ops is a potent pre-workout supplement which enhances focus, boosts natural energy levels and reduces workout fatigue.

Black Op's

  • Key Points:

    -Stimulant free
    -Powerful Nitric Oxide booster
    -Increased muscular endurance
    -Enhanced muscle repair
    -Skin tearing pumps

    We recommend, as a dietary supplement, to take 1 scoop in 200-300ml of cold water 15-20 mins prior to training.

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