Our personalized nutrition plans offer our customers a balanced life style when it comes to eating healthy, a well rounded "diet" if you want to call it a diet. We don't limit our customers when it comes to eating, we simply like to teach the individual to eat the right foods at the right portion sizes at the right times in a balanced and effective way to keep the metabolism healthy, burn body fat and maintain / gain muscle. The nutrition plan gives you 3 options to choose from combined with our personalized training plan, combined both of the plans will work to achieve results quickly. 

The training program is high intensity fat burning, and muscle building plan to smash through your workouts in the time frame of 60 minutes, Hypertrophy training is designed to target every muscle group and strengthen every weak muscle group for maximum results in proportion, symmetry, condition and overall muscle. (The plan can also be personalized to specific health requirements)

What does the diet plan include?
Our customized meal planning includes the right portion sizes in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and amino acids as well as the right supplementation to suit your daily routine and overall goals. This fast-tracks/assists your body run at optimal peak level, with the overall health benefits of improving muscle recovery, muscle development, weight loss through fat loss, and longer term anti-ageing effects. The combined plans will deliver the best results, no matter what our your goals may be.

We will keep you motivated and keep you on track, ask our team questions at anytime, start today & you will thank yourself 8 weeks from now, Only 12 weeks on this plan and you will be looking and feeling the best you have ever felt in your life.

Customized Training & Nutrition Plan


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