Fat loss is an important goal for achieving the body that we want. Whether your goals are based on performance, attractiveness, or overall health, losing fat can help you run faster, look better, and feel great. While there are many purported fat burners on the market, none have been formulated by carefully combining the best ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work together synergistically – until now. That is why Performax Labs is proud to bring you FitMaxTM, the fat burner designed using cutting-edge research to help you achieve your body composition goals. With scientifically-backed synergy like the patented, proven ingredient Teacrine combined with caffeine, FitMaxTM will promote optimal fat burning while providing a clean boost of energy throughout the day.

• Teacrine – Derived from tea, this natural purine alkaloid promotes cognitive enhancement, providing clean, all-day energy.
• Caffeine – A popular stimulant with fat burning effects, it also increases the concentration and effectiveness of Teacrine when combined.
• Carnitine – Carnitine is an essential transporter of fatty acids into mitochondria where it can be metabolized and used for energy.
• Choline – An essential brain nutrient, choline can improve saturation of carnitine in muscle tissue to optimize its fat burning potential.
• Citrus Aurantium – Bitter orange is a natural source of synephrine, which has been shown to enhance weight loss via increased calorie burn.
• Rhodiola rosea – A popular adaptogen, Rhodiola has demonstrated synergistic benefits with Citrus aurantium, resulting in enhanced fat loss and neurotransmitter action.

The keys to this formula are in its precise combinations of ingredients backed by science. For example, Rhodiola rosea provides anti-stress and adaptogenic benefits that pair perfectly with the neurotransmitter enhancement of Citrus aurantium. Therefore, the effects of both are enhanced so that more fat is burned, and the increased clarity and focus feel cleaner with no side effects. Overall, the result is optimized body composition with a focus and energy boost that is clear and long-lasting. If fat loss is your goal, then choose the science and synergy of FitMax. 


Fit Max

  • Q: How do I take Performax Labs’ FitMax?
    A: Take one serving (one scoop) daily in the morning. For a super boost of energy, take two scoops. However, everyone react differently, so always start with one to ascertain your body’s level of tolerance.

    Q: What other Performax Labs’ products can I stack with FitMax?
    A: Since FitMax provides clean, long-lasting energy, it stacks really well with VasoMax as a pre and IntraMax as your during workout beverage.

    Q: How can synergy be scientifically proven?
    A: For proven synergy, compounds must be studied together and alone, so that comparisons can be made. The compounds may enhance each other’s action or concentration in the body, or both.

    Q: When is the best time to take Performax Labs’ FitMax?
    A: It is best to take FitMax in the morning to set metabolism for the day and keep sleep optimal. FitMax can be taken as a morning coffee replacement or as a pre-workout, but should be avoided in the evening hours.

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