A Juggernaut is a term used to depict a literal or metaphorical force viewed as unstoppable.
This is the mentality Infinite Labs® had in mind when we crafted our original pre-workout formula, JUGGERNAUT®. Engineered to be directed towards bodybuilders and athletes alike, JUGGERNAUT® is armed with an innovative Glyco-Core™ Plasma Expander specifically designed to enhance muscle pumps during training. This formula may prevent dehydration and fatigue, increase endurance, and may be the perfect complement to your training regimen.*
The components in JUGGERNAUT® were selected by Infinite Labs® research and developmental scientists and are based on human and in vitro (outside of the living organism) studies published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. It is an all-in-one, pre-workout supplement that may fuel muscle fiber growth, enhance explosive power and reduce fatigue while promoting an intense element of mental focus.* Circumstances are said to be created by the mind. JUGGERNAUT® may empower you to bring mind and muscle to life – allowing you to generate the greatest possible bodybuilding circumstances for your workout.

Infinite Labs Juggernaut


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