The Legendary Pre Workout Is Back. 

Jack3d has been reformulated now to comply with the highest supplement standards in Australia, and they have put forth a pre-workout which aims to give you the perfect dosage of high-quality ingredients without being chocked full of stuff no one has ever heard of before.

So just how good are the dosages in Jack3d? 

Per Serve:
6 grams of L-Citrulline - That's more than the clinical dosage of ~ 5g a day

3.2 grams of Beta Alanine - Clinical Dosage

2 grams of Arginine Nitrate - Clinical Dosage

115mg of Vitamin C - Above the recommended daily intake

100mg of CoffeeBerry Extract (Neurofactor) - Clinical Dose

375mg of Caffeine - Almost 4 cups of coffee!


So It's clear to see they aren't kidding about this new formula! 
This is a very solid formula without a lot of confusion on ingredients and real dosages. 




    39 Sydney Road Brunswick

    Melbourne, VIC 3056

    Business Hours

    (Temporary Due To Covid-19): 

    Mon - Fri | 12PM - 5PM

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    (03) 9388 1312





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