Since the dawn of time, man has feasted on the raw power of the beast to fuel his primordial need for mass, strength, and power. Times change, but man’s relationship with beef endures. After much exhaustive research, Ultimate Nutrition has engineered the future of meat-­‐based sports supplementation: CarneBOLIC™. Filtered from premium gelatinized beef hydrolysate, each 28-­‐gram serving of CarneBOLIC™ delivers 24 grams of unapologetic, no-­‐guts-­‐no-­‐glory beef protein so that you to get as much out of your workouts as you put in. If you want the bull, but without the BS, get your paws on CarneBOLIC™ and make it part of your daily training regimen!

Pound-­‐for-­‐Pound, Features Over 3½ Times as Much Protein as Raw Red Meat 86% Protein Concentration, Zero Fat, Carbs, or Sugar
Gluten and Lactose Free with only 100 Calories per Serving!

Helps gain quality lean muscle mass, while increasing recovery times greatly by producing creatine naturally, however their is no creatine bloat. This supplement is a great product while cutting to maintain dense quality muscle while shredding body fat with the right nutrition plan to suit your body type and genetics so make sure you hit us up about our training and nutrition plans for the ultimate results!

Ultimate Nutrition Carnebolic

Ultimate Nutrition CarneBolic
  • Carnebolic, Lean beef protein for dense, quality muscle gains without the fat or access water retention. This is the way to go to maximize recovery & quality muscle development.


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